About Us

Community Bank – Safe, Reliable and Well-Capitalized

Community Bank is a Regional Business Bank, founded in 1945, proudly serving a broad range of Southern California clients with 17 offices located throughout Southern California. As one of the oldest and most respected banks in California, our business philosophy of “Partnership Banking®” has helped us provide quality financial services to our clients throughout the years.

Who is the CEO of Community Bank?

David R. Misch is the Bank’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO).  Mr. Misch has more than 30 years of banking and finance experience including CEO and various other executive positions.

Community Bank is well-capitalized under the Regulatory Framework for Capital Adequacy

  •  Community Bank significantly exceeds the minimum Tier I Leverage Capital Regulatory Requirement
  •  Community Bank significantly exceeds the minimum Tier I Risk Based Capital Regulatory Requirement
  •  Community Bank significantly exceeds the minimum Total Risk Based Capital Regulatory Requirement

How is Community Bank’s liquidity?

The Bank has more than adequate liquidity sources to meet the needs of its customers. The Bank has comprehensive procedures in place to monitor daily and forecasted funding needs and has established both secured and unsecured borrowing facilities to meet unexpected changes in balance sheet levels. We pride ourselves on the strength of our balance sheet.

How profitable is Community Bank?

Community Bank has generated continuous profits for over 20 years. The Bank has maintained a conservative investment philosophy and a strong credit culture which has largely mitigated the Bank’s exposure to adverse market conditions and deteriorating financial performance experienced by many of our peers.

Does Community Bank engage in subprime mortgage lending?

No. Community Bank does not make subprime loans. Community Bank offers a full array of products and services. For additional details, please visit our website at www.cbank.com.

Is there an outside independent source that has evaluated/rated Community Bank?

BauerFinancial is an unbiased, independent bank and credit union rating agency. BauerFinancial has acknowledged the strength and stability of Community Bank, by giving the Bank a superior rating based on September 30, 2016 financial data.

The Findley Report: Community Bank received a Premier bank rating for 2016.

BauerFinancial: Superior Rating (5-Star)


– Community Bank has also received an excellent to superior rating for the past 77 quarters.

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