Treasury Management

Notice To Treasury Management Customers:
In keeping pace with changes in the financial services industry, we have updated our Treasury Management Agreement which you will find posted on our website under Forms for your convenience. The terms and conditions outlined in the new Agreement will become effective September 1, 2015.  Use of Online Banking and/or any of the Treasury Management Services you currently subscribe to on or after this date, indicates your acceptance of the Agreement in its entirety.
If you have any questions or would like to obtain a printed copy of the Agreement, please contact our Customer Service Department at (800) 788-9999 or by visiting any Community Bank branch.

Community Bank’s full range of Treasury Management Services allows you to streamline the collection of your receivables, concentrate your cash, reconcile your accounts and report on your account activity automatically. Your cash goes to work faster and more efficiently, allowing you to monitor and control payments and deposits and to respond quickly to opportunities.

With cBank onLine, access is fast and easy—whether you are at home, at your business office or on the go, you can always access Community Bank’s elite service. You will have convenient access to your account information and the peace of mind of knowing that industry-standard security protects every account transaction. You can access your account information via a computer or cell phone. cBank onLine allows you to obtain balances, review transaction histories, export data for account reconciliation, transfer funds, pay bills, receive e-bills, request stop payments, create ACH payroll entries, make tax payments and much more. Simply log on to the system via your computer or web-enabled cell phone or smart phone and you will have access to account balances, history, alerts and funds transfer capabilities 24/7, wherever you are. Learn More

Easily deposit checks electronically from your desktop. Remote Deposit Capture utilizes a desktop scanner that connects to your PC and the Internet. With it, you can scan checks and transmit deposits electronically to the bank anytime, day or night. It’s the quickest way to turn check deposits into cash. Demo Learn More

The Community Bank Business Debit Card gives you and your employees the ability to make business-related purchases without the hassles of writing a check or carrying cash. As a business account holder, you can assign these cards to designated employees authorized to make purchases on behalf of your company and easily track their expenses through your monthly statement. And because this card carries the MasterCard® symbol, it is accepted at more than 20 million locations worldwide for merchant transactions in addition to access from thousands of ATMs. Learn More

Positive Pay is an automated fraud detection tool that matches the information on each check presented for payment against the list of issued checks you send to the Bank. You receive email notification of any unauthorized check presentments, can view check exceptions online and make pay/return decisions. Click here for a demo. Sign In

Reverse Positive Pay gives you the same benefits of Positive Pay but the Bank, not your business, sends an automated check presentment file to the online system. You compare these items to your check issue file and make pay/return decisions online.

This service allows you to define pre-approved or blocked ACH activity for an account (for example: by customer, by dollar limit, by activity such as web sales). Your company will receive an email notification of any exception items posting to your accounts. You then review items and make pay/return decisions online to quickly detect unauthorized ACH transactions.

Improve audit control and avoid inefficient manual reconciliation processes by getting online check reconciliation that summarizes all check activity for the reconcilement period (issued, paid, outstanding, stopped and voided) and is used in balancing online account balances. A detailed reconcilement listing can be produced that can be printed or exported to Excel. The system supplies three-month paid check information and custom reporting.

Balance accounts through online check reconciliation that summarizes all paid check activity for the reconcilement period and is used in balancing online account balances. The system supplies three-month paid check information and custom reporting.

Get the reporting you need with this automated transaction reporting system that allows your business to produce secure web-based reports detailing electronic transactions such as ACH debits and credits, ACH returns, Notice of Change, as well as translation of EDI detail from ACH payments.

Your business can utilize a broad range of payment acceptance capabilities for goods and services using a Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal, PC or even the internet. This service gives you flexibility in offering payment options to customers, increases sales, simplifies accounting and controls, and eliminates billing. You can also sign up for 24 hour funding allowing you access to your funds quickly. You can accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, electronic checks and gift cards.

Our early morning account balance summary offers timely, detailed information about your account. Remove any doubts about the status of your account with information that is updated daily. This service is provided through cBank onLine.

Through our cBank onLine service, we can process your company’s corporate payments, allowing you to disburse and collect funds electronically.

Business customers can make federal, state, city and county tax payments directly by their touch-tone phone via computer.

An account that allows for automatic same-day transfers to and from a concentration account. This allows you to move excess balances into a single account, or control the disbursement of funds from a central pool of money.

Community Bank offers ways for your business to manage your payroll, including direct deposit and payroll debit cards, Community Bank can make handling payroll quick and easy. Learn More

Your business gets increased security over your deposited funds by having Armored Carrier provide transportation of your deposits to the bank. It eliminates the need to have your employees drive to and from the bank to make deposits and pick up currency or change orders.

Increase your cash flow by getting remittances into your account more quickly. Save your company time and money by cutting the amount of incoming mail processed by your employees.  Our Lockbox solutions include HIPPA compliant solutions for medical professionals.

Offset your monthly account fees through an earnings credit allowance on the balances you maintain with the bank.

Your business is assured that all excess collected funds are immediately used to pay down loan balances. You spend less time reviewing and managing cash and can review your transactions daily through cBank onLine.

Community CD Rom service offers your company a convenient, time efficient way of receiving your checks and statements. With CD Rom, your company will receive a CD containing images of your account statement(s) as well as all of your paid checks. CD Rom will allow your company to locate your items through detailed search capabilities including account number, check number and dollar amount, while reducing storage requirements.

Community Bank offers a fast, secure and convenient way to transfer funds electronically from one financial institution to another domestically or internationally in US dollars or foreign currency.  Wire transfers can be initiated through our online portal, cBank onLine, or by visiting your local Business Center.

If you’d like to learn more about Community Bank’s Treasury Management Services call 1-800-788-9999 to be directed to a Business Center near you.