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As part of our ongoing security and enhancement efforts, we will be moving to a new URL address for cBank onLine.  Effective August 3, 2016 after 6:00 a.m. PT the URL will be updated to


cBank onLine puts control of your money at your fingertips by offering you an innovative online service. Mouse or mobile, you decide. Checking your balance, paying your bills, transferring funds and receiving e-bills from your bill collectors/creditors was never easier. You can even sign up for alerts that notify you when bill payments are due or when your balance reaches a certain amount. Enroll today to add the convenience of Internet banking with cBank onLine from Community Bank.

cBank onLine: An efficient online bill payment process, mobile banking access and a consolidated record of accounts mean less time managing your dollars and more time for you to do the things you enjoy.

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There’s no easier way to track your personal finances. Just log on with your password to see an overview of your “real-time” account balances.

  • Checking
  • Savings
  • Loans
  • Lines of credit
  • Quick-function icon – The “lightening bolt” offers access to quick functions
  • Help available on most screens

Keep up-to-the-minute tabs on your account activity. With cBank onLine, navigation is easy and you have instant access to:

  • Account histories – Deposits, withdrawals, transfers, interest earnings
  • Pending transactions – View inter-day activity
  • Searches – By check number, amount, or date range
  • Current activity – In a format that can be downloaded into your financial software

Need to add a little more cash to your checking account for the weekend? With cBank onLine, you can easily transfer funds between your accounts.

Moving or going away for the summer and need to make an address change? Simply log in to cBank onLine, enter your new address, select the accounts and submit your request.

To ensure that only you can access your accounts online, we have incorporated the very latest in security features. Here are just a few examples:

  • Log-in protections – If the correct password is not given within three tries, the user is locked out.
  • Forgotten passwords – Using your login ID, select “Forgot Password,” login and you will be prompted to receive a one-time secure access code delivery method. Within seconds, the secure access code is delivered to your email, phone or cell phone (via a text message).
  • Data encryption – Digital identification certificates and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protect your data.
  • Automatic time-out – You are automatically logged out after a period of non-use.

Technology has never been smarter or greener. Stop writing checks and paying postage for your bills each month. With cBank onLine, you can set up automatic payments with a leading bill payment service provider and receive e-bills from your bill collectors/creditors. Here are some of the features you will enjoy.

  • Multiple and single bill payment – You can choose to pay one bill at a time or pay multiple bills at once; and, you can easily add new payees to your automated bill paying schedule.
  • E-bills – Sign up to receive e-bills from your bill collectors/creditors.
  • Alerts – Set up date-alerts to remind you when payments are due.
  • Easy-to-use interface – You simply select the designated payees; enter the amount, date, and account; and then send the payment.
  • Schedule regular payments – Set up fixed payments in advance to save time. You can indicate when you wish the payment to be made every month.
  • Schedule future payments – Future payments can be scheduled for specific dates and amounts. Funds must be available in order for the transaction to be processed.
  • View payments – A summary screen shows you all posted and scheduled payments.
  • Stop payments – You can submit requests for stop payments.
  • Expedited delivery – If the payees are registered to receive electronic payments from us, we electronically transfer funds directly to them. If the payees are not registered, we cut a paper check and mail it to them for you.

As with most online applications, connectivity, user hardware, browser support and integration is critical to providing the best user experience. We work hard to make sure that the most popular systems represent cBank onLine properly and securely. Below is a summary of recommended hardware and browsers.

  • Standard PC or Mac (Pentium IV/1 GHz processor or higher/500 Mb RAM or greater)
  • Microsoft® Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista or Mac OS-X
  • Cable, DSL or ISDN Internet connection (dial-up supported for basic consumer users only)*
  • Preferred or supported browser for consumer users
  • Preferred web browser ONLY for commercial users
  • Security, anti-virus and spyware updates applied
  • A valid e-mail address and telephone number

*Note: Satellite cable connections often have difficulty supporting encrypted (HTTPS) applications. Because online banking is HTTPS encrypted for the safety of your financial information, some satellite cable connections may exhibit slow response.

The following browsers have been tested and determined to provide required functionality for cBank onLine. It is always recommended to use the latest browser version available from your provider.

Browser Current Version Download
Microsoft Operating Systems
Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.x Click Here
Firefox (Mozilla) 11.x Click Here
AOL Browser 9 SE Click Here
Safari 5.1.x Click Here
Chrome 18.x Click Here
Mac Operating Systems
Firefox (Mozilla) 11.x Click Here
AOL Browser 9 SE Click Here
Safari 5.1.x Click Here